Funerals Consumers Alliance of Arizona

Helping your friends and neighbors with funerals that are Diginified, Meaningful and Affordable since 1961

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The mission of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Arizona is to educate consumers and to establish, promote, and protect their rights, both directly and in support of member organizations.


Well-informed funeral consumers get more for their funeral dollars and usually spend a lot less. They are also prepared to educate their families about meaningful and personalized options.


We believe each person is unique with certain preferences at the time of death that may include either cremation or burial services. For many people, the customary displays at funerals are not to their taste.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Arizona provides a vast array of benefits to ensure you and your loved ones can have a meaningful funeral.

Some of our benefits include consumer protection, identification and instruction cards, annual meetings, newsletters and more!